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Toboso Networks provides consulting services to semiconductor, telcos and consumer electronic companies.

Take a look at the list below to learn more about our areas of expertise.



Powerline communication technology allows sending data through existing wire infrastructure.

We have worked with broadband technology standards such as HomePlugAV, IEEE 1901 and and narrowband technologies such as HomePlug Green PHY, G3 or Prime.

We have experience with the challenges posed by these technologies during the design, testing and mass production stages, including CENELEC, CISPR and safety regulations, and ensuring the usability and security from the end customer point of view.



The internet of things sector continues to grow and create challenges for engineers. Whether you want to add communications to your products, either wired or wireless, or you want to create a product from scratch that includes anything from motion sensors to heating and lighting control, or streaming of video and audio, we have our expertise at your disposal.

Network Hub and Cable


We can bring our strong comprehension of in-home networking to provide solutions in the building and configuration of software for gateways and routers, analysis of communications protocols or troubleshooting of broadcast or multicast issues.

Combination Lock


Security in embedded systems is now more important than ever. We will make sure your embedded designs are security oriented, having experience in establishing the chain of trust. We can help with encryption, secure boot, digital certificates...

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